Players will set Argentina Line up against Nigeria

1986 World Cup Champion about Argentina's Line-up against Nigeria

Argentina is very close to crash, team coached by Jorge Sampaoli has 1 points after and the same 1 goal scored after two matches on World Cup. The third match against Nigeria will be a decisive one, Argentina must win, and they must beat Iceland on the Goal lines.

Chaos CHAOS and cHAOS in Argentina’s Coaching management, according to the reports, the head coach will not make decisions, the decisive match line up will be chosen by players. The world’s champion of 1986, Ricardo Giusti reports. The veteran footballer claims that the president of the federation himself told him about it.

1986 World Cup Champion Ricardo Giusti

“Match Line up will be done by Players, Sampaoli can sit on the bench, if he wants it, no problem.” – he says.

He also proves that, Messi and Mascherano’s votes will be most important on line up decision as they are the most experienced players on Argentina national team

In order to level up on World Cup: Argentina needs only win against Nigeria, and Iceland to lose or draw against Croatia or in other outcomes, Argentina – to have a better Goal line at least than Iceland

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